Rates quoted are based on the information provided and subject to review at the time of booking. While charges and fees are accurate upon writing, variances may occur due to currency or surcharge fluctuations, GRI, PSS, equipment, space and/or availability at time of booking, etc. Unless otherwise indicated, this quotation does not include EXW/Origin Charges, Custom Clearance, ISF, Bond Fees, anti-dumping, duties, taxes and/or fees payable to Customs or OGA (Other Government Agencies), Pier Pass, port or terminal charges, delivery, courier fees, insurance, storage, Exams, demurrage, etc. Customs Fees, Classifications, Duty rates or OGA recommendations are based on the information provided at the time of quoting. Any Customs advice provided is not legally binding and is subject to final review and acceptance by US Customs. Custom Entry Fees include 1 free invoice and 1 free line item. Delivery rates are valid for non-hazardous / non-residential / US legal weight deliveries only. The fuel surcharge is calculated based on the date of the quote and is subject to fluctuations. Rates quoted are Drop/Pick Rates. Chassis, Pre-pull, Drop Fees, Chassis Reposition Fees, Chassis splits, special equipment or requirements, demurrage, storage, etc. are not included and will be invoiced separately if required. All shipments are subject to search. Failure to declare Dangerous Goods is punishable by law.