The Navegate Advantage

The world’s largest companies harness the power of digital supply chains to gain competitive advantage. Now, it’s your turn.

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    Breakthrough Business Benefits.

    With a Navegate-powered digital supply chain, your business will move faster, serve customers better, and hit new heights of profitability.

    Shipment Tracking Logistics Software

    Faster Revenue Cycles.

    Compressed PO-to-delivery cycles mean faster payment and revenue recognition, freeing up more capital for investment in growth.

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    Reduced Capital in Transit.

    Enhance your working capital options and improve financial forecasting, with an accurate view of on-the-water inventory.

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    Lower Supply Chain Costs.

    Watch your landed cost per unit drop—and your profits grow—as Navegate makes your entire supply chain move more efficiently.

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    Stronger Customer Relationships.

    Improved on-time delivery rates and in-stocks mean happy customers, expanded order volumes, and reduced attrition.

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    More Valuable

    Recapture 100s of inefficient work hours with all of your supply chain and logistics paperwork stored in the cloud.

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    Ensured Supply Continuity.

    Persistent network-level visibility across purchase orders, shipments, and vendors enables unmatched agility and control.

    A Complete Solution.

    Navegate is the only comprehensive, global platform with all of the capabilities required to bring the power of digital supply chains to every business.

    Depiction of a warehouse and a loading dock collaborating and sharing data via cloud technology.

    Collaborative Cloud Technology.

    With Navegate cloud-based software, you and your global supply chain partners work together in a collaborative digital environment, where all parties are operating from a single version of the truth.

    Global Freight Quotes and Booking.

    Navegate Forward™ is the one-stop digital portal for rapid quotes and booking for your domestic and international freight, with global support spanning air, ocean, and land-based transportation.

    Illustration of cargo ship, cargo plane, and intermodal containers
    Illustration of boxes representing specialized supply chain applications

    Specialized Digital Supply Chain Applications.

    Navegate digital supply chain applications provide increasingly powerful layers of transparency, control, compliance, and operational analytics to your end-to-end supply chain processes.

    Expert Digital Supply Chain Services.

    Our unmatched global team of supply chain and logistics experts provide digitally-enabled services that complement your team and optimize your supply chain performance around the world.

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    Map with connected global supply chain network

    A Global Network, Ready to Roll.

    From Day 1, your business can leverage the Navegate Network™—thousands of buyers, suppliers, and transportation partners already collaborating on the cloud-based Navegate platform.

    Preferred Partner Enablement.

    Your business can rapidly activate preferred suppliers, forwarders, and carriers to collaborate via the Navegate Network™, leveraging our deep expertise in global partner enablement and onboarding.

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    Illustration depicting three computers connected with Navegate Emerald ERP software integration

    Rapid ERP Integration.

    Our ERP integration tools and RESTful APIs extend data from siloed enterprise systems into your supply chain network via Navegate applications, to support end-to-end digital collaboration.

    Making the Impossible, Possible.

    Stop dreaming about a deploying a world-class digital supply chain. With Navegate, businesses like yours can finally make it happen.

    Complex ERP Challenges

    Companies with multiple siloed ERP instances can extend those systems into the Navegate platform – a single digital environment, where they can all speak the same supply chain language.

    Emerging, Small- and Mid-size Businesses

    Traditional digital supply chain network platforms are prohibitively expensive for all but the largest global enterprises. Navegate’s complete solution breaks down those cost barriers, so we can be a strategic partner in your growth.

    Conglomerate Brands

    Companies with multiple subsidiary businesses or discrete brands often face too much system and process complexity to enable robust digital supply chains. Navegate is the holistic platform that unlocks that potential.

    M&A Consolidation Platforms

    Private equity platforms that grow via acquisition have enormous integration challenges that inhibit digital supply chain transformation. Navegate offers a common digital supply chain backbone that can support all previous – and future – acquisitions.

    Limited Supply Chain Resources

    Businesses with small or over-burdened supply chain and logistics teams don’t have the capacity to execute digital supply chain strategies. With the Navegate platform and our digitally-enabled logistics services, we empower and extend your team to give you a world-class process.

    Get Moving. Forward. Faster.

    Thousands of people use Navegate to see deeper into their supply chains and improve their logistics management. Join them today.