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Combining technological innovation and 50 years of global supply chain and logistics expertise, our digitally-enabled services allow you to reduce costs, accelerate lifecycles, and mitigate risk.

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    You can leverage Navegate’s global team of seasoned supply chain and logistics experts as an extension of your organization, to manage key aspects of your end-to-end, PO-to-delivery lifecycle.*

    Icon depicting ship being cleared in customs brokerage

    Managed Import

    Customs Brokerage

    With our Customs Brokerage services, Navegate resources process all US import shipments on your behalf, uploading all US Customs documents into Navegate Emerald, including CF 7501, ISF, Importer Commercial Invoice, Packing List, and all shipping documentation.

    PO-Level Coordination & Fulfillment

    Order Management

    With our Order Management services, Navegate resources monitor your purchase orders to ensure timely bookings, assist in the collection and upload of relevant documents into the Navegate platform, and perform the electronic pick & pack process tying each PO to the correct shipment and container at the SKU level.

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    Icon depicting an order being cleared in U.S. Customs

    Process Compliance Auditing

    Customs Compliance

    With our Customs Compliance services, we work with our affiliated licensed brokerage operation and a licensed US Customs Broker to perform a comprehensive audit of your import procedures and customs bond, providing the importer of record an annual customs audit and bond audit report.

    Managed Import

    Advanced ISF

    With our digitally-enabled ISF services, Navegate resources manage all Importer Security Filings with US Customs and makes all ISF documentation available within the Navegate software, including the sharing of ISF Confirmations with your designated Customs Broker.

    Icon depicting an Importer Security Filing (ISF) document

    *We provide NVOCC and freight forwarder services as agents of North Star World Trade Services Inc., FMC No. 2297NF.

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