What’s New in Our Navegate Emerald Software and What It Means for You

If there’s one thing 2020 has taught us, it’s that we should always expect the unexpected, especially in the logistics industry. A year with unprecedented capacity issues has shown many people who have decades of experience in the industry something they’ve never seen before. And now, as the perils of 2020 transfer over to the new year, we’ll probably have to learn to work around these issues rather than wishing them to go away entirely (easier said than done of course). With these capacity issues surging, it’s more important now than ever to have high visibility and knowledge of your supply chain.

But, before you start wondering how this will be possible, have no fear! Navegate is here to help!

Throughout the past couple of months, our software development team at Navegate has been making strides in our signature software Navegate Emerald to better help our customers navigate their supply chain needs. From features that will increase visibility and improve search capabilities to efficiencies that can help clients operate in one place, our software is becoming more user-friendly and intuitive than ever before.

Our team has been working hard on transferring features from our Navegate Classic software – our original yet highly used software – to our current Emerald version. Our Navegate Classic version has nearly 20 years of code built, but the team took critical parts of the software and improved them for Navegate Emerald. Below is a list of the updated features and how these latest updates will help you and your business better manage your supply chain:

1. A global search feature 

The team has made major improvements with this feature. According to Chief Product & Technology Officer Zac Herness, this feature is like your own personal search engine, quickly returning information without having to select what type of data you’re looking for, so it’s much more intuitive. This feature allows you to focus on managing and improving your supply chain, not just trying to find basic information about it, having a firmer grasp on your supply chain’s components.

2. On-demand reporting

The team has incorporated reports that are critical to customers into our Navegate Emerald software. Reports like Landed Cost, On the Water, Open Purchase Orders, and more are why customers receive immense value from our software and incorporate it into their work, and now these are all available on the Navegate Emerald version. These reports allow our customers to have summarized supply chain information at their fingertips, making this information more easily accessible to our customers.

3. Documentation upgrades and features  

Critical supply chain documents like Customs documentation, Importer Security Filings, 7501, Importer Commercial Invoice and Packing Lists are all now quickly available and can be associated with shipments and shared through collaborative messaging. This documentation feature is a critical component of having organized and easily accessible supply chain information.

4. New and improved grid feature

The team has pulled the “grid” view from the Navegate Classic version out into its own space, while the “card” view still exists for single shipments or cargo. This grid is another huge reason that our customers use Navegate software because it allows them to see more supply chain information in one place. Users are also able to sort, filter, and edit to quickly accomplish work related to their supply chain, simplifying how you manage your supply chain.

5. Updated notification settings  

Here, the team has made some small enhancements like adding thresholds in places. For example, if an estimated delivery date changes for a container, a customer can choose when they want to be notified – either every day, every three days, or every five days, it’s up to you! The team wanted simpler notifications in Emerald, and this feature allows customers to receive automatic, proactive, and custom updates, rather than reacting after fees kick in from a supply chain delay. So, this feature allows customers to actively stay on top of their supply chain and step in if something goes wrong, keeping you and your business ahead of the game.

6. Cargo status widget and other today page improvements

The cargo status widget and today page improvements are new features that the team has implemented; they were designed to put important information at the customers’ fingertips. This widget in particular is a quick view by status that allows customers to quickly see updates on where in the supply chain process their cargo is located, allowing the customer to easily access important supply chain information.

7. Improved quoting

The Navegate team has simplified the customer experience in requesting a quote from Navegate by making it much more visual and clickable as you select your logistics needs to quote.

8. Other improvements to our software

Some other advancements made in Navegate Emerald are a new tracking page and new booking capabilities. The externally facing tracking page now has an Emerald-branded look and feel. The page is now mobile device-friendly, and statuses have been consolidated and improved.

The team has also just released a fully formed bookings capability in Navegate Emerald. It’s more workflow-driven than Navegate Classic was and has been run through user experience design measures to put status changes and collaborative comments right at your fingertips.

Navigating further with our software

These new features in our Navegate Emerald software can elevate your supply chain management. By providing user-friendly tools and efficiencies, Navegate is here to make your work processes easier for full control over your supply chain (what a concept!).

For more information, feel free to reach out to our experts or click the button below to contact us so that we can help you navigate forward, faster. It’s what we do.