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 Navegate, a leading company in digital supply chain technology and services for the middle market, announced today that it has officially opened two new offices in Houston, Texas and Kansas City, Missouri, and launched a beta version of a new software platform. 

The new offices will bring Navegate’s global presence, with more than 100 employees, to six locations—Minneapolis, Chicago, Kansas City, Houston, Los Angeles, and Shanghai. Each office provides a strategic importance for the company’s growing domination of the logistics space, especially in the Midwestern United States.

“At Navegate we have a concierge-level commitment to fulfilling our clients’ needs,” said Nathan Dey, chief executive officer of Navegate. “By establishing Kansas City and Houston offices, we’re expanding our footprint to have physical locations in two critical freight hubs. These locations will provide further leverage for both existing and future Navegate clients in their efforts to build best-in-class supply chains.”

Houston’s office is headed by Key Accounts Manager James Blodgett, and with more than 35 years of experience in project cargo, Blodgett understands Houston’s critical importance to the logistics industry and having people on the ground in the port city. “As a hub for cargo and oversized shipments, I’m excited to leverage our new location to strengthen customer relationships as well as grow Navegate’s base for project cargo,” said Blodgett. 

Operations Manager Adam Daugherty, is leading the new Kansas City location. As a centralized freight hub, Kansas City is the second-largest rail port and third-largest trucking port in the country. There, Daugherty will be focusing on supporting client needs across multiple modes of transportation. 

In addition to strengthening the business’ geographic presence, Navegate has also completely transformed their technology platform. The newly-launched software – Navegate Emerald™ – boasts a striking new user interface with eye-friendly dark mode, intelligent new shipment tracking and management tools, and seamless supply chain collaboration. Navegate Emerald is comprised of four new applications, allowing customers to build their own solution depending on their needs in shipment quoting, booking, tracking, order management and vendor collaboration. 

“As we celebrate our 50th year in business, Navegate Emerald has ushered in a renaissance of our technology and our business as a whole,” said Dey. “We’re thrilled to be able to help add value to our more than 600 clients’ processes and transform how they do business through the utilization of these digitally-enabled supply chain tools. The breakthrough business benefits they provide will allow for reduced supply chain costs, better working capital management, improved understanding of capital at risk and more seamless communication with all supply chain constituents.”

“Nathan has only been CEO at Navegate for less than a year and he has already done an incredible job of reinvigorating the company’s mission to be the industry leader in logistics, strategically growing their global presence and incorporating customer feedback into their platform,” said Michael Smerklo, co-founder and managing director of Next Coast Ventures. “Navegate’s newly-designed software and commitment to having their experts on the ground in these transportation hubs show their unwavering dedication to their customers – the exact type of hands-on, innovative approach to customer service and product iteration that we strive to invest in.”

Mendota Heights, Minnesota (October 22, 2019)

About Navegate:

Navegate is a global supply chain management company providing best-in-class software and logistics management. We combine our powerful cloud-based software with 50 years of industry expertise to reduce costs, optimize performance, and mitigate risk for our clients. We’re always moving forward, faster, disrupting the supply chain industry and democratizing the digital supply chain.

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