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Navegate Emerald™ transforms your global supply chain into a unified, collaborative network in the cloud.

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Supply Chain Software Built for the 21st Century

From global freight booking to final delivery, Navegate Emerald™ tools and specialized cloud-based applications provide your business with increasingly sophisticated capabilities that enable full digital transformation of your global supply chain.

Digital Freight – Rapid Quotes and Booking

Emerald Forward

Emerald Forward™ enables online quotes and booking of global air, ocean, and land-based freight forwarding, anywhere your shipments originate.

  • Intuitive UI for instant shipment quotes and booking
  • Import Freight – Ocean & Air*
  • Export Freight – Ocean & Air*
  • Non-US Trade (Foreign-to-Foreign) – Ocean, Air & Customs*
  • Domestic Freight – Drayage, FTL, LTL, Small Pack*

*We provide NVOCC and freight forwarder services as agents of North Star World Trade Services Inc., FMC No. 2297NF

Shipment Visibility & Document Management

Emerald ShipLens

Emerald ShipLens™ enables enhanced tracking, visibility, and exception alerting for shipment and cargo data, along with easy access and sharing of all related logistics, customs, and compliance documentation.

  • Real-time, shared shipment visibility across all involved parties, including a dynamic map-based UI
  • Automatic delayed shipment notifications
  • Denied Party Screening
  • Easy on-demand access to all customs documentation, including Importer Security Filings, CF 7501, Importer Commercial Invoice, Packing List
  • Easy on-demand access to all shipping documentation

Multi-Shipment, SKU-Level Visibility

Emerald Orderchain

Emerald Orderchain™ allows multiple shipments, suppliers, and carriers to be associated with individual POs, unlocking SKU-level visibility across every order.

  • Exposes PO data from ERP systems into Navegate Emerald™, where it is correlated with shipment and supplier data in real-time.
  • Enables individual POs to be tracked down to the SKU level, across all related shipments, suppliers and carriers.
  • Provides the tools for robust supplier performance scorecarding across POs and shipments.

Supplier Collaboration & Compliance

Emerald Tradekey

Emerald Tradekey™ lets you achieve deeper commercial alignment and integration with global suppliers, through digital SLA reporting, compliance management, and collaborative pick-and-pack capabilities.

  • Enables commercial supplier agreements and SLAs to be defined and digitized in Navegate Emerald
  • Automatically monitors and measures supplier compliance against business rules as part of the Navegate-enabled order fulfillment process
  • Enables collaborative electronic pick-and-pack, relating each Purchase Order to the correct shipment and container at the item level.

Continuous Performance Optimization

Powerful Operational Analytics

Navegate Emerald™ applications give you powerful operational analytics that enable continuous optimization of supply chain speed and accuracy, vendor compliance, and financial performance.

  • On-the-water inventory
  • Landed cost per unit
  • Carrier & forwarder performance
  • Vendor compliance and performance analysis
  • Penalty avoidance

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