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Navegate software transforms the way you work with your customers and compete in your market.

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    Bring Your Business to the 21st Century

    Harness the power of modern technology to change the dynamic of your customer relationships. Modern supply chains need sophisticated software solutions. Now, your business can have one.

    Your New Standard for Visibility, Collaboration, and Performance.

    With Navegate, you have the power to dramatically change the way you work with your customers. With advanced vendor management, purchase order management, document storage, and collaboration rolled into one affordable software, you’ll be light-years beyond the competition and capable of serving nearly every aspect of the supply chain.

    Truly Differentiate Yourself From the Competition

    Stop grinding down your margins to compete on price by building stickier customer relationships and bringing a more valuable offering to your market.

    Offer an advanced software solution to your customers, enabling them to grow and scale with ease while ensuring that they’ll never feel the need to seek higher-end solutions elsewhere. Go above and beyond the call and turn your customers into fanatics.

    Infographic showing Navegate Emerald Software compiling information from numerous supply chain partners into one clean interface

    Give Your Customers the Best of the Best

    A Digital Control Tower for You and Your Customers

    Navegate Digital Business Solutions enable enhanced tracking, visibility, and communications for shipment and cargo data, along with easy access and sharing of all related logistics, customs, and compliance documentation. See what matters most at a glance, or dig in beyond the PO—you have the power to decide.

    Seamless Integration and Automation

    Your business can rapidly activate customers and preferred partners, leveraging our deep expertise in global partner enablement and onboarding. Our ERP integration tools and RESTful APIs extend data from siloed enterprise systems into your supply chain network to support end-to-end digital collaboration.

    Cloud-Based Document Storage & Sharing

    With Navegate cloud-based software, you and your customers work together
    in a collaborative digital environment, where all parties are empowered to get the data and documents they need without calling on other teams.

    Intuitive, Collaborative Interface Digital
    Vendor & PO Management

    Navegate Tradekey™ allows you and your customers to achieve deeper alignment and
    integration with global partners through digital SLA reporting, compliance management, and advanced collaboration and messaging capabilities.

    Get Moving. Forward. Faster.

    Thousands of people use Navegate supply chain software to see deeper into their supply chains and improve their logistics management.
    Join them today.