Trying Times for Customer Relationships

Managing relationships with key customers is tricky in the 21st century even when there aren’t major global health and economic crises. Now, relationships are strained not just by the complexities of shifting work environments, but also by the financial baggage that clients may bring to the table.  

The solution for these issues, however, can be pretty simple. Improving relationships with key clients might not take more than clear, consistent communication that builds trust. People feel most empowered to make decisions when they have all the information. Nowadays, providing these details isn’t a difficult task. Modern software solutions can provide automatic, up-to-the-minute data feeds that enable a client’s resource planning and supply chain teams to forecast and make decisions with confidence. Feeds like these can also save client-facing teams hours of precious time by eliminating the need for endless email chains and phone calls requesting updates. The argument for a solution like this is a no-brainer—the issue is where to find it.

When embracing modern technology to fit a specific need for your business or your client, many organizations are inclined to build it themselves. Unless you have excessive spare cash to burn, however, this task is rarely feasible. The key is to find a solution that fits your needs, your customers’ needs, and your budget. 

How can software platforms help my business? 

Advanced software platforms, like Navegate Emerald, can provide automatic data so you can trust that your tracking data, arrival times, alerts, and exceptions are accurate and updated. With experienced integration teams and enhanced data workflow, you don’t have to worry about verifying or updating your data. Plus, all your data is packaged in a cleaner, simpler way, which makes everyone’s job easier. A collaborative site like Navegate Emerald allows all parties to update information and track history, so you know exactly what’s happening in your supply chain and why it’s happening. It also enables shared parties to take ownership of their data and trace data changes to individual users, so you have a thorough understanding of your supply chain. 

Not only can software like Navegate Emerald be a one-stop shop to monitor your supply chain, it can also serve as a customer-facing portal that enhances client relationships. With modern software solutions, a business like yours can increase its capacity to be transparent and proactively communicate with customers. Your customers can also access all their data on a web browser instead of coming to you and your staff for easily available updates. With this proactive communication cycle, customers can hear about any issues that may arise through exception alerting or dashboards, thus, saving time for everyone involved. 

There are many advantages of having software that provides consistent and automatic data to you and your business. This technology not only streamlines the data in your supply chain, but also makes it easier for you to maintain a strong and communicative relationship with your clients. And, it saves everyone time! Pair that with some sophisticated capabilities, and you’ve got a seamless and efficient supply chain that works for everyone involved. To learn more about our Navegate Emerald software and what it can do for your business, contact us today.    


Photo by Chris Liverani via Unsplash.